Sopcast for Linux. Goodbye Windows

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I have to say that one of the reasons that I still have Windows on my laptop is because I watch Romanian televisions online using Sopcast plugin and Internet Explorer. Some time ago I've heard that there is also for Linux a version of Sopcast Player. That I didn't installed this application and I really don't understand why!! Ohhh, well, today I've done it and it's working very well!

Let me explain a little bit what you have to do to make this SopcastPlayer to work! It's very simple! Go to the Sopcast main web page at the download section and download the packages corresponding for Linux, or enter in terminal the commands below (I usually have a Downloads folder in /home directory):

mkdir -p ~/Downloads/Sopcast/
cd ~/Downloads/Sopcast

The second file called libstdcpp5 is needed in case sp-auth file is not working.
Next we have to extract in the same directory the . tgz archive like this:

tar xvzf sp-auth.tgz

or you could go directly in the Nautilus folder and extract with right click and Extract Here option. In the new created folder called sp-auth you have a Readme file; you can folow the instruction from there or you can go further reading this...let's say, tutorial.

Next you have to enter in the new extracted folder and do this steps to open a Sopcast stream:
cd sp-auth
./sp-sc-auth sop:// 3908 8908 > /dev/null &

Now, channel 77555 is transferring and you can play it with VLC, Mplayer or SMPlayer opening the url http://localhost:8908/tv.asf. I don't know why but on my system VLC doesn't have sound when I play an url and on MPlayer I can't adjust the volume. Because of that I use only MPLayer and is great!

If is not working please try to install libstdcpp5. Extract libstdcpp5.tgz and copy with root privileges (sudo) the files and to /usr/lib/ like this (suppose that we extracted the archive in the same folder):

sudo cp -a* /usr/lib

If you don't want to use the terminal when you watch a channel look at this article from where is explained how to install Sopcast-Player.
Or you can use GSopcast (taken from a threat) or download from here. In both you have to enter manually a sopcast address if you want to watch a different television from those given by default!

I almost forgot....I've said Goodbye Windows because the only thing that linked me to Windows was this Sopcast and the televisions that I couldn't watch online on different sites. Now I am glad that I can delete this OS.

P.S. If someone wants I can give him a list of Romanian televisions to watch. There are English movies with subtitles, not doubled.

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If you don't have root permissions to copy the libstdc++5 to a system directoy, you can just prepend the following in front of the sp-sc-auth:

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