About Me

Posted by VasiaUVI | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello everybody,

My name is Irinel Ursu and I am an electrical engineer in the automotive industry at a world wide company.

I've discovered my passion for Linux and specially for Ubuntu two years ago when I've decided to install this great Operating System.

In the installation time I was worried not to loose the Windows partition and not to destroy the Hard Disk. Yes, I know, is a stupid thing, but then I was hearing from Windows fanatics that if you install Linux is a high probability that your Hard Drive to blow up. Fortunately this was only a preconceived idea and a lie and fortunately the installation was flawless, with NO errors or problems.

Since that time I use Ubuntu and I love it. I like almost everything on it, and I am saying almost because as we all know nothing is perfect, also Ubuntu like every other Linux distribution is not perfect, but is near to perfection.

In this blog I will write my own experience with Linux, things that I install and that I use, reviews of some programs, tutorials and howto's. I am not a Linux guru, I'm just a usual user and want that we all the beginners to learn from each other.

Thank you and hope that you will like this blog.

You can leave feedback any time! I don't agree with the saying No feedback is a good feedback and because of that please comment and tell me if I'm doing something wrong or if something is not wright on this site.

With this said please download Ubuntu Linux clicking on this picture below: