Mount NTFS Partitions in Ubuntu Linux

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Yes, I know, there are a lot of tutorials, sites, blogs that explains how to mount a NTFS or FAT32 partitions in Ubuntu and in the other Linux distributions, but mainly I want to write this tutorial (and many others) just to have on my blog and to use this information when I will need it.

I have to mention first that my system is a dual boot: WindowsXP and Ubuntu Karmic Koala. My Windows partitions are only NTFS and because I rarely use this Operating System I want to benefit the free space from this partitions. My intention is to mount them on boot and not to mount them manually from Nautilus or through Gnome-terminal and to be forced every time to enter root password.

Gnome Color Chooser - modify the font and color


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For some time I wanted to change my panel's font but I didn't know how to do it! One day, looking on for some inspiration for my conky script I saw on one picture a nice panel with beautiful font.

After that I've started to search a simple tutorial or a simple program which could change the font of my panel. My salvation was the program Gnome Color Chooser.

The features of this program are:
  • change colors (e.g. background, window decoration, tooltips)
  • change sizes of widgets (e.g. of buttons, scrollbars or the main padding)
  • allow use of bright or dark wallpapers without getting icons or panel text unreadable
  • adjust the size of start and panel menues or large toolbars
  • colorize desktop icons and activate hover effects
  • configure your gtk engines and let your current theme be drawn by an installed gtk engine of your choice
OK, I admit that I've used this program only for changing the font but you can do all that features from above. Is your choice!

This program I've installed on my Ubuntu Karmik Koala system and let me explain in short how I've done it!

Install MPlayer and SMPlayer

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Usually, when I'm watching a video I'm using SMPlayer (a lot of people are using VLC), which is an application based on the famous video player MPlayer. If MPlayer is broken also SMPlayer will not work at all.

Some days ago I really don't know what happened but MPlayer didn't work  anymore, it was giving me an error something like this:

/usr/bin/mplayer: symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/mplayer: undefined  symbol: codec_wav_tags

If you have the same error you can try to reinstall the program. For me the installation from the Synaptic Package Manager didn't resolved my problem and because of this I've installed from an other repository. If you have the same problem you could try the steps below. If you never installed MPlayer or SMPlayer you also can do the same steps.

About Me

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Hello everybody,

My name is Irinel Ursu and I am an electrical engineer in the automotive industry at a world wide company.

I've discovered my passion for Linux and specially for Ubuntu two years ago when I've decided to install this great Operating System.

In the installation time I was worried not to loose the Windows partition and not to destroy the Hard Disk. Yes, I know, is a stupid thing, but then I was hearing from Windows fanatics that if you install Linux is a high probability that your Hard Drive to blow up. Fortunately this was only a preconceived idea and a lie and fortunately the installation was flawless, with NO errors or problems.