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From some time I read the Full Circle Magazine and I like it. The thing is that you have to download a pdf file to read this magazine but this is not an issue from my point of view.

Today I decided to download all the Full Circle Magazine *.pdf files just to have them on my computer, like a collection or something like that. The problem was that there are until now are 34 magazines and downloading one by one it's a little bit time consuming.

For downloading every file with only one command I've used the well known program WGET. I don't want to write a review or something like this about Wget because the Internet is full of articles, tutorials, books that are explaining in detail how it works.

Below I will explain how I've managed to download all the Full Circle Magazine using Wget and a *.txt file. What I want to mention is that I've inspired from a great site called NixCraft and I advise you all to take a look on that site because you have from where to learn.

First we have to make a *.txt file :
gedit links.txt
and enter in this file all the download links of the magazine, or what ever you want to download. The Full Circle Magazine download links are like below - I've put just some links, not all of them, but be careful that all the magazines have common language English but you can also find in other languages.
The links are:
Number 0,1,2,3 and 21 have different download links but nevertheless you've got the idea...After writing this links you can save the txt file.

The next command in the Terminal is :
wget -i links.txt
and press Enter.
All the files located at those links will be downloaded.

As I've said, the command is taken from NixCraft site and you can find all the Wget tutorial on this link.

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