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Usually a don't listen to mp3 music on my laptop and I have to say that, before making this post, I didn't had any mp3 files on my laptop - just copied some music from a CD now. I like to listen on line radios directly from the site or music from YouTube.

Because of that I really don't need a powerful audio player with a lot of options and gadgets, blink-blinks and other things! I need a simple player which doesn't use a lot of memory and plays the music very well when I need to listen some mp3's  Those I've found this audio player called AlsaPlayer.

AlsaPlayer is heavily multi-threaded and tries to excercise the ALSA library and driver quite a bit. It has some very interesting features unique to Linux/Unix players.

The name AlsaPlayer might be confusing a bit today since it's supporting a whole bunch of different output systems.

Here are some features highlighted by the AlsaPlayer team:
  • Full speed (pitch) control, positive *and* negative!
  • This is the first Linux and only GPL player that supports this. You can scratch mp3's and even audio CD's in realtime.
  • Icecast/shoutcast streaming support
  • Interface plugins
  • Completely redefine the user interface
  • Remote control
  • Control alsaplayer from another application
  • Low latency mode
  • On capable soundcards latency can be as low as 1.3ms!
  • Playlist/Queue support
  • Plays nice with concurrent audio tools
  • Doesn't touch the hardware mixer
  • Concurrent visual scopes
  • Open as many scopes as there are.
  • Multi-threaded design
  • This results in efficient/skip free playback. You can also activate real-time scheduling for even better performance.
  • Accurate scope/audio syncing
  • Portable
You can download this application from the AlsaPlayer official site and install it, or better do this steps:
- enter in Terminal and write this line

sudo apt-get install alsaplayer

press Enter and after that write your password!

If you don't like writing in the Terminal you can install AlsaPlayer from the Synaptic Package Manager.

I know that music addicts will not be satisfied by this audio player but they already know about Amarok, Audacious, Songbird, Banshee etc.

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